On Leadership

March 12, 2010 at 06:06 Leave a comment

I started in a leadership education program yesterday that is to go on for the next one and a half years. After a hard start of the week (especially Monday when I left my work keys home and was stressed and overwhelmed by too many work tasks) it was inspiring to get to meet new people and to just sit and learn about important things.

There’s been a shift in the leadership theories during the years and the focus in leading is more and more in the communication and interaction skills. The leader does not answer questions but asks them. Coaching leadership has replaced the old-fashioned stiff authority-based commanding. In everyday work, imagination, creativity and passion are necessary to truly create added value, as Gary Hamel states in his book Leading the Revolution.

Sounds like it’s finally time to grab out the real potential in everyone of us and cherish our individual strengths to enable healthier, happier and yet in the same time more productive work communities. It’s no longer a threat to not know everything yourself when you can rely on experts in you team. Like the actors say: helping other people shine at the stage makes yourself shine brighter. Comforting for a leader pretty green in her field. 😉


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