The First Nutrition Lecture

April 7, 2010 at 20:48 Leave a comment

I gave my first nutrition lecture today, at The Beauty Salon Helmi. Went well, felt good about it, a lot of questions and enthusiasm. Thanks for everybody who participated! …and if you need some paleo recipes, check my other blog (and the recipes tagged “paleo”).

The basic structure of my lecture was:

  1. The latest take (or new interpretations) on research regarding nutrition, health, exercise and weigh loss
  2. Food, especially the paleolithic diet as a baseline
  3. Exercise (…and how to optimize your health and weight managing)
  4. Rest: stress management, sleep, putting the cardio aside ie. cortisol reduction

If you want to contact me, please email me at mur at iki dot fi, I’m glad to  help! …and if you’re interested in ordering some superfoods from the Store, just email your orders at akonan at keho dot net and put my name for reference, you’ll get a 20% discount.


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