Why indeed do we eat too much

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So, if you still believe that a calorie is a calorie and that people with extra weight are just lazy and greedy, think again. Gary Taubes, the author of the magnificent (and a brick like) book Good Calories, Bad Calories has started blogging to delight and educate us all. The first post deals with just the thing: what makes OTHER people eat too much considering their expenditure when others do just fine? And no, it’s not as simple as nutritionists try to tell us.

For example, think of a growing child: she/he doesn’t grow because she/he’s eating more. She’/he eats more because she/he’s growing. Same applies to pregnant women. The body needs more energy since it’s getting bigger, hence the woman needs to eat more. It’s not the eating that makes the baby grow but vice versa. Same applies to overweight.

All this is explained in Gary’s book. I’ve asked a permission from Gary to translate the his notes into Finnish. Before that and Gary’s new book which should be an easier read, have a look at his site.


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