The Perfect Breakfast: Valkee+meditation

February 13, 2011 at 09:58 2 comments

I have a suggestion for the Valkee Limited: the beep sound that starts and ends an earlight session could be changed into something more delicate, like a mindfulness bell. Not only it would make the product more luxurious and the user experience more holistic but it would encourage in a zen quality of life.

Couple of weeks ago I figured that since I’ve managed to take up meditation by using a timer and since I use Valkee every morning those might as well be combined. So, my morning routines have taken a new turn: the first thing in the morning I plug in Valkee, sit on the kitchen floor and meditate until the beep tells me eight minutes have passed. As tranquil as multitasking can get. And talking about optimizing!

But boy is meditating in the morning the most challenging yet! My head just bursts with things to be done and the silence of the mind is constantly interrupted by practical and concrete things. All the more reason to reach for a zen state of mind. After doing it for two weeks I’ve found that I’m sort of addicted; I tried to skip the meditation on Friday morning just to find out that I was yearning the calm setting into my body. Luckily this treatment only takes eight minutes and not a dime beyond purchasing Valkee.

P.s. Not suggesting you skip the real breakfast; one does not live solely on air and sunlight however convenient that might be.


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What’s up with Valkee Practical Meditation

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