Meditation on the go

September 10, 2011 at 07:40 Leave a comment

A couple of weeks ago I bumped into a video and a related site: One Moment Meditation. Apparently it’s Martin Boroson‘s method to implement meditation and mindfulness for people on the go. I haven’t read the book and I’ve only watched the brief video that doesn’t really give any instructions but I found the idea quite intriguing.

So, I’ve been performing some real life experiments and found the following:

  • it IS possible to “meditate” even in a rush hour underground while listening to music!

It’s really quite simple: I just focus on my breathing for a little while. In – and out – and in – and out – simultaneously picturing an empty mind in my head where the breath comes and goes like the wind. Easily and unforced.

A brief moment of meditation or mindfulness might not have the long lasting implications of meditating for years after years but it sure does calm the mind and hence the body is calmed as well. As meditation research has shown, meditation lowers the pulse and blood pressure. Quickly, the stressful or busy or restless feeling is gone and replaced by something happier.

Like there’s always time for (a little) exercise, there’s most definitely always time for meditation as well. No need for fancy pillows or incense, just order it on the go!


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