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Don’t feed the cancer cells

A.k.a. it’s time to ditch the sugar! Sugars are the main source of energy for cells. Cancer cells are even more sugar addicted:

“Cancer cells are well known to display an enhanced sugar uptake and consumption. In fact, sugar transporters are deregulated in cancer cells so they incorporate higher amounts of sugar than normal cells.”

So here’s yet another reason to stay off carbs. Low-carb diet isn’t just for weight-management.

Remember, that sugar doesn’t mean just the white refined sugar. It covers also stuff like honey, brown sugar, agave nectar, sweet fruit and juices.

Source: Potential role of sugar transporters in cancer and their relationship with anti-cancer therapy.


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A Cancer Killing Diet

Master of Surgery and a Registered Dietician Amy Kubal recently posted an article about killing cancer cells in the Paleo Brands blog. For all of you that cancer has touched in a way or another and especially for those who are themselves combating cancer or watching someone else do, I seriously suggest to read this article. At least you have a choice to make.

Here’s the basic rule for the diet, that literally starves cancer cells and also prevents them from growing in the first place:

  • restrict glucose (sugar/carbohydrate) and energy
  • …which translates into following a calorie-restricted, ketogenic diet
  • …which in fact, is the very same thing as a low-carb diet

Ketogenic diet or ketogenesis is the process in which your body uses ketone bodies (ketoonit in Finnish) as its main source of energy (ie. FAT!). This oppose to using sugar as it commonly does following a modern diet high in carbohydrate. Read more from Wikipedia: Ketogenesis.

So if you’re willing to start cancer prevention or even treatment, start following a diet (quite) rich in fat, moderate in protein and low in carbohydrate intake. Optimally the diet should also be on the low side of calories as well, but when eating a diet rich in fat and low in carbs the overall energy balance tends to stay on the moderate side.

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