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Still here

I know, it’s been a looooong while. Pardon me and my lazyness. The exceptionally hot hot hot summer has made me do other stuff. Was also quite stressed out during the remains of the spring so the hotness has been good for the body and (atheistic) soul, relaxing me. Hoping still warm weathers, starting my vacation in a week!

I’m currently having a great inspiration at work, I really appreciate ot and I’m so proud to be one. So I’ll soon write more about occupational therapy and other hot health stuff such as the diet but to get some initial paleolithic inspiration check out this woman combatting autoimmune diseases with paleo diet and some Crossfit workouts. And don’t be intimidated by the workouts, the diet is thee most important factor!

Veronica Garza – working paleo diet and Crossfit to fight autoimmune diseases

Also check out this OT Anthem – for all the occupational therapists in the world! 😀 And if you haven’t already listened to this OT Song, do it. DO IT. O_O

Beautiful August days,



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