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Meditation Possible

This post was originally published by me in Dalai Panda 4.2.2011.

Meditation was a mission impossible for me for a long time. I’m a restless person who never stops. I’m constantly thinking or moving and coming up with ideas so you can quite imagine how hard already the idea of meditating seemed to me. Since I’m still positive that meditation is hugely beneficial I haven’t given up on trying. Thanks for my friends for support, you know who you are!

Finally I’ve made some progress. Here are the things that have helped me to develop something I proudly call my Meditation Routine. My routines involves a 10 to 20 minute meditation on most days. Not every day.
  • set a timer – you don’t have to worry whether you’re going to overdo it and be late for gymnastics
  • set a timer – you don’t have to worry whether you’re going to give up too easily
  • start by 10 minutes –> gradually progress into 20 minutes (I’ve done 20 minutes once – today – hooray!)
  • sit still and comfortable, eyes open but not really looking at anything but one point
  • you might want to try to focus on an image of an empty room or your breathe blowing in and out in a “tunnel”
  • …or count your breaths (this didn’t work for me until today when it was incredible soothing)
  • …or say a mantra (like shanti or hamsa) as many times as it takes before you feel the calmness setting and then shut up
  • …or say a mantra silently in your mind (I used the word “tyhjää” on the first rounds)
  • try using a mindfulness bell – the sonorous sound helps to focus when it clangs once a minute or so (available as an iPhone app)

I use the timer in my iPhone as my meditation timer. The sound “harp” is elegant enough to bring me gently back into present.

Oh, and a idea I’ve been thinking of trying but haven’t yet tried:

  • before starting the meditation, write down all the ideas and things you can possibly come up with that need your attention later on – this way they’ll be safe and sound and you don’t have to worry about them while meditating

So, I challenge you: go forth and meditate!


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Qi Gong ie. Meri learns to meditate

I participated a Qi Gong (Chi Kung) course last weekend, six hours all together, on Saturday and Sunday. Boy did I not know what I had committed to! But if I did, I would have skipped it so let’s just say, all developing happens outside the comfort zone. I thought it was something similar to yoga but NO. More like meditation while moving. Or meditation while standing still. Eyes closed. Horror.

I’ve always been seriously limited what it comes to being quiet and trying emptying the head from the usual mind buzz. As it appears, my low blood pressure, standing still with eyes closed and breathing super calmly equals feeling faint and losing vision. Not a nice combo but definitely one that makes one grow out of the usual level of performance. Have to admit, I’ve never gotten so close to a complete emptiness and silence of mind, at least when I’ve been trying. Sometimes it just happens doing something, like the flow phenomenon, but that’s a different story.

The Qi Gong teacher, Jarko Savonen, is an occupational therapist like myself. He’s been teaching and practicing Qi Gong even before his OT training and has carried on, tho now he also lectures as an OT. Since I’ve been combining some other areas of expertise (such as nutrition) in my own OT profession I find it interesting to meet other OTs who have expanded the limits. Like many great inventions in the world have shown, it’s beneficial when people start to reach over from their own professional expertise into stuff that passionately interests them. They come up with extraordinary ideas.

Anyway, this Qi Gong thing wasn’t really something that I’d start doing on daily basis, but it most certainly showed and proved me my ability to meditate. Reaching the state just requires a whole lotta more than I’m ready to invest so far… And be it Qi Gong, mindfulness or yoga, I really need to take action in moving towards a less stressful lifestyle. Well, luckily I already manage to sleep 8-9 hours per night, that’s a start!

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