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The Boy With a Thorn in His Joints

The Boy With a Thorn in His Joints

Juveniili artriitti remissioon maidottomalla ja gluteenittomalla ruokavaliolla johon yhdistetty omegakolmosia.

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Robb Wolf’s Fish Oil Calculator

The magnificent Robb Wolf, the guy behind The Paleolithic Solution, has published a simple yet very informative fish oil calculator. So if you’re unsure how many grams you should take in per day, pay a visit here! Also to check the doses for your trainees if you have some.

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Omega-3 for Alzheimer’s

It’s been known quite a while that (heavy doses of) omega-3 fatty acids may significantly improve the condition in people with Alzheimer’s. Among others Dr. Barry Sears has done some experimenting and written about it in his several books, such as Omega Rx Zone. Now the researchers from the School of Life and Environmental Sciences and School of Medicine at The Deakin University believe they’ve found out, why omega-3’s prevent Alzheimer’s. Apparently low omega-3 levels in brains and an actual omega-3 deficiency causes the zinc level to rise which results in cell death.

When Alzheimer’s is already the second most feared disease in the U.K. after cancer and younger and younger people tend to fell ill, there’s finally some light to this. By making sure you’re having an adequate amount of omega-3s (at least 2,5 grams per day for an healthy adult) and taking care of your diet (remove processed carbs ie. sugars, cut down vegetable oils and other products rich in omega-6, preferably also grains and possibly dairy, include: organic meats, vegetables, nuts such as macadamia and walnut, fish, eggs, berries, avocado and virgin coconut oil) you can make a difference for your own future.

NOTE: when treating Alzheimer’s and other memory illnesses as well as neurological conditions by supplementing with omega-3, the needed amount is SIGNIFICANTLY HIGHER than the amount recommended for an healthy adult. For example Dr. Sears was experimenting with some 20 grams dose of fish oil per day.

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