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The Peaceful Right Brain (the sea of euphoria)

Neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor had a stroke. Hear her extraordinary talk about the experience.

Jill Bolte Taylor’s Powerful Stroke of Insight.

NOTE: you can turn on the subtitles (like in English or Finnish below the video.

(Can’t manage to embed the video here despite all my efforts so please click the link above.)


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What’s valuable?

In my leadership education program we had a workshop about values. Values are the underlying base for all our actions and choices. At least in an ideal world. When work life is more and more hectic and companies are aiming for bigger savings and productivity, for example nurses may have to settle for something less in their quality of work than they would hope for based on their values. It’s that conflict that makes people burn out.

Anyway, we had a quite useful exercise in finding out for our own values, a long list of questions. The idea is that first you describe some of your action by answering a question (What do you spend a lot of time doing?). Then you try figuring out WHY is that important to you. You continue to ask yourself until you get to the bottom of your reasons of you’re doings or likings.

Like this:

What do you spend a lot of time doing? -working out. Why? -I enjoy working out, it makes me feel good and whole. Also I feel more confident and healthier. Underlying values might then be: pleasure and health.

What are you afraid of losing? -my sanity. Why? It would be horrible not to be able to think clearly and make good choices for myself. The underlying value might be: sense of control.

What would you do if you had the time? -I would read more. Why? -I love reading, it makes me relaxed, offers new perspectives on life and is sort of a get away from my everyday life. I also enjoy and admire talented writers and I think language creates the reality. The underlying values might be: wellness, beauty and learning.

After we answered some ten or twenty questions we had to put down five of the most important values. I put down acceptance, health, kindness, sharing and making a difference. The exercise would have continued by having to find out with each two values which is more important and by that way ending up with just one, THEE most important value. I didn’t have the time to do that but I think my number one would be acceptance. As who you are. Whoever that is. 🙂 I think the world would be a better place if it was easier for us to take people as they are and let them be themselves.

I hope my top five values guide my own leadership in my everyday work.

Here’s a list of questions if you want to try this out:

  1. What do you spend a lot of time doing?
  2. In what do you spend a lot of your money? (food!)
  3. What are you afraid of losing?
  4. What would you do if you had the time?
  5. What kind of issues agitate you?
  6. What would you pay a hefty amount of money? (if I had the hefty amount I’d pay my mortgage)
  7. Try to remember a situation where it’s been hard to make a choice. How did you choose?
  8. For what would you be willing to make a sacrifice? (for my own or my closest ones’ health)
  9. Think of a good childhood memory. What was precious about it?
  10. Picture one of your dreams?
  11. Who do you respect? Why? (my mom)
  12. What did you appreciate in your upbringing? (being trusted in)
  13. What the most important in upbringing in general?
  14. What kind of features do you value in a leader? (seeing people’s potential)
  15. What do you value in a friendship?
  16. What would you say is a good workplace?
  17. What should be valued in work?
  18. What kind of issues are bugging you right now?
  19. What does success mean to you? (being accepted)
  20. In what are you ready to commit yourself?
  21. Based on what would you choose a co-worker?
  22. After doing what kind of thing you might say: “I did the right thing.”?
  23. What do you believe in? (people)
  24. Which is more important: justice or love?
  25. Think about a crisis or a change you’ve been trough. What did you learn from it?
  26. Which traditions do you value and want to cherish? (such that encourage my important people get together)
  27. What do you expect from people you’re dealing with? (good will?)
  28. What obligations do you have?
  29. What rights do you have?
  30. What makes you feel safe? (lying in the sunshine on a warm cliff in an island)
  31. What kind of behaviour do you appreciate? What kind of behaviour you don’t approve?
  32. Think about your current life. Without what could you live?
  33. When are you happy and balanced?
  34. What do you enjoy doing while feeling a bit guilty about it? (using the elevator instead of the stairs!)

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